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There’s a lot here about tech and a lot about collaborating. And the key, as always, is communication. ​​READ

David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
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In the uncertain world of cybersecurity, collaborating is more important than ever.

By David Hechler
For the first time the Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation held its summer Cybersecurity Summit outside of the United States. The July 11 conference was held in Vancouver this year, and panelists from the U.S. and Canada shared the spotlight. They assessed new privacy legislation, including the startling rollout of a new Digital Charter in Canada. They discussed the implications of AI in the workplace. And they considered the profusion of ransomware attacks, including one disclosed by an audience member that may have been the most benign attack on record. ​​READ
A CISO prefers to break it down to a business case that anyone can understand.
As the former chief information security officer of the city of Seattle, Michael Hamilton has a lot to say about the recent spate of ransomware attacks. But what he has the most to say about is the need for CISOs to communicate effectively. “The technical skills, anybody can learn,” he says. “You need to package information security in a way that resonates with the role of the people you are speaking with.” And that should facilitate a natural alliance with in-house lawyers. READ
Ohio’s new Data Protection Act awards companies an affirmative defense if they’ve adopted designated cybersecurity standards.

By Matt Fleischer-Black

As a counterbalance to the talk about scary data breach laws, attorneys may find it refreshing to examine the one that was passed in Ohio last year.  It provides a refuge from all that drama. READ
Individuals can help themselves, and possibly their companies, while protecting the U.S. infrastructure from cyberattacks.
Though it’s often called the FBI’s InfraGard program, its proper name is simply InfraGard. That’s because it isn’t run by the FBI. It’s run by its members, who are concerned citizens who partner with the FBI. To learn more, we spoke to an FBI private-sector coordinator and the Massachusetts chapter’s board president. READ