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June 2018
Local Governments Are Overmatched by Cyberattacks
Local Governments Are Overmatched by Cyberattacks
IN RECENT WEEKS, two major American cities had services disrupted by cyberattacks. A hacking attack in Baltimore disrupted online emergency dispatch services for nearly a full day. And Atlanta was hit with a ransomware attack that took city services offline for nearly a week. 
     These are the kinds of events that grab public attention, but research has suggested that the problem is far larger than a few isolated events. 
     Local governments across the country are unprepared to prevent cyberattacks, and furthermore, they never identify who was responsible for the majority of those they detect, the research found. 
     Nearly half of those surveyed said they are attacked daily, but most don’t even record all of them.  
     The biggest impediment to improving cybersecurity is that local leaders have not made it a priority and have not demonstrated sufficient support for the IT and cybersecurity officials who filled out the survey. 
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June 2018