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Expert Commentary
There may be no way that companies can prevent them, but lawyers can use the occasion to beef up security.
February 2020

With uncertainty roiling insurance coverage in this area, it’s time for action.
January 2020

Having spent her career working on systems security metrics, an expert is stunned to hear that what she does can’t be done.
January 2020

The WSJ Pro Executive Forum packed in short sessions with small panels and a lot of punch.
January 2020

Two are arrested ‘for doing their job,’ says their boss, who laments the precedent.
December 2019

Now that lawyers have essentially become risk managers as well as legal guardians, they need to embrace the technical challenges of helping their companies secure their data.
December 2019

Schoolchildren learn the 3 Rs. Credit officers learn the 5 Cs. Now there’s a new risk to worry about.
December 2019

One man is on a quest to bring rigor to the discipline. He hopes he isn’t alone.
December 2019

A president’s adviser and an old iPhone lead to serious questions.
November 2019

In-house lawyers should play a leading role in helping to protect their companies from this fast-growing threat.
November 2019
General counsel are often well positioned to play a leading role in the process.
October 2019
The California Legislature finally passed amendments, and now the new privacy law is creeping ever closer.
September 2019
Two thought leaders weighed in on the challenges of quantifying a company’s strengths.
September 2019

Congress crafts a process designed to deal with alleged dangers of foreign-made products.
September 2019

They should be key players in the process.
September 2019

The field lacks a common terminology, and the ambiguity includes even core concepts.
July 2019

Four Steps You Should Take to Create a Data Ethics Framework
As companies move past the privacy controversies, ethics becomes a differentiator.
JULY 2019

One appeal of moving in-house was that he wanted to be involved in advocating for an industry, and he more than got his wish.
July 2019

Something old and something new as the action ramps up in Illinois and California.
June 2019

After Baltimore was hit with its second assault in one year, it’s past time to examine the reasons.
June 2019

After lots of planning, the public launch was an annual conference.
May 2019

No surprise what their biggest concerns are: data breaches and data privacy.
May 2019

A report released by a U.S. Senate committee helped identify cybersecurity lessons that other companies should learn.
April 2019

Failing to do so is asking for trouble, and it can arrive in the guise of a coffee maker.
APRIL 2019

A webinar takes a close look at a large and growing area of cyber crime.
March 2019

Carriers nurtured the market’s fast growth by quietly paying claims—until now.
March 2019

There was a lot of information and a little bit of drama (for some).
February 2019

Seven Cybersecurity Challenges for General Counsel to Keep Top of Mind
These areas are sure to be important in 2019.
February 2019

They won’t go into effect until 2020, but it’s time to check your insurance now.
January 2019

We brought back the expert we talked to early last year to rewind and fast-forward.
January 2019

Should a GC Take On the Role of Data Protection Officer?
Spurred by new rules, companies are hiring for the position, but it isn’t always easy to find candidates with the right skills.
December 2018

Keeping Up with the Risks and Protections of Cyber Insurance
New laws—especially the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation—have companies seeking to expand coverage.
November 2018

Designing How Cyber Lawyers and IT Professionals Interact
Many people agree that the partnership could work better. Here’s a proposal to show the way.
October 2018

An ABA webinar served up a cyber scenario, but the panelists also examined the causes and the aftermath.
November 2018

The ABA offers information designed to protect companies (and law firms) from the ever-shifting onslaught.
October 2018

A Call To Empower CISOs
And why they should be joined at the hip with the general counsel.
September 2018

The Data Regulation You Probably Haven’t Heard About
Vermont’s new data broker law is one that companies elsewhere need to get to know.
August 2018

A New Protocol to Counter Cyberattacks in International Arbitration
The drafters are seeking comments from in-house counsel.
July 2018

Working With the Government After a Breach
Four tips that companies should follow to maximize the benefits.
June 2018

Cybersecurity Risks in Vendor Relationships
How CLOs can help their companies take control.
May 2018

Why the U.S. Should Embrace GDPR
Even though the EU regulation may be onerous, it may be what the cybersecurity doctor ordered.
April 2018

Predictions and Threats for the Year In Cybersecurity
An expert weighs in on some prognostications.
March 2018