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Data Protection

A webinar takes a close look at a large and growing area of cyber crime.
March 2019

A veteran lawyer recounts the challenges he’s experienced over the past quarter-century. 
March 2019

A year later, a lawyer talks about what he learned battling the largest known attack that crippled the infrastructure of an American city.
March 2019

There was a lot of information and a little bit of drama (for some).
February 2019

Seven Cybersecurity Challenges for General Counsel to Keep Top of Mind
These areas are sure to be important in 2019.
February 2019

A veteran lawyer recounts the challenges he’s experienced over the past quarter-century. 
February 2019

It can help to be trilingual as you guide your clients through these perilous worlds.
February 2019

We brought back the expert we talked to early last year to rewind and fast-forward.
January 2019

Should a GC Take On the Role of Data Protection Officer?
Spurred by new rules, companies are hiring for the position, but it isn’t always easy to find candidates with the right skills.
December 2018

How Companies Can Help Law Firms Protect Their Data
Now that GCs are wary of outside counsel, there’s a lot they can do to shore up cybersecurity.
November 2018

Nobody Would Try to Cyberscam a CyberInsecurity Editor, Would They?
They would. And they did.
October 2018

The Techies Who Defend Cybersecurity’s Bottom Line
A woman recounts her surprising rise to the role of CISO, and provides insight into what one needs to succeed.
September 2018

How Disinformation Can Damage Companies
The spotlight may be on the midterm elections, but intentionally false news can target—and devastate—a business.
September 2018

The Bullseye on Your Law Firm’s Back
After a series of breaches at big firms, has anything changed?
August 2018

Time to Wake Up
The real anxiety behind what has become a media cliché.
July 2018

Cybersecurity Risks in Vendor Relationships
How CLOs can help their companies take control.
May 2018