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David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
There’s an interesting contrast in our features. Two of them are by lawyers who share a scientific bent, and write pieces that try to bring a scientific rigor to the practice of cybersecurity. And two of them focus on practical matters. One explains why companies should recognize that cyber is a credit risk, and treat it accordingly; the other highlights the value of regularly hiring ethical hackers to do penetration testing in order to uncover vulnerabilities. ​​READ​​
One man is on a quest to bring rigor to the discipline. He hopes he isn’t alone.
Paul Rosenzweig found himself working on cybersecurity almost by accident in the early days of the Department of Homeland Security. Now, nearly 15 years later, the field’s pull on him is stronger than ever, as he tries to answer some very basic questions—questions that he believes are crucial. Like: How do you measure cybersecurity? READ
Schoolchildren learn the 3 Rs. Credit officers learn the 5 Cs. Now there’s a new risk to worry about.

By Kurtis Suhs
One of the primary principles that bankers are taught at the outset of their careers is the 5 Cs of credit: cash flow, collateral, capital, character and conditions. But a sixth item belongs on the list now. Cyber threats have risen to be a top concern for many organizations. They’re mostly treated as an operational risk. But they’re much more. They’re also a credit risk. READ
Now that lawyers have essentially become risk managers as well as legal guardians, they need to embrace the technical challenges of helping their companies secure their data.

By C. Russell H. Shearer

To help build effective security programs, lawyers and risk managers need to be technically, and technologically, competent in their fields. To acquire those skills, they could return to school and get degrees in engineering or other technical disciplines. But that could take years. Instead, a lawyer with experience in the nuclear energy industry offers a process framework for attorneys and risk managers to approach the technical issues that will allow them to apply better risk management decision-making techniques. READ
Two are arrested ‘for doing their job,’ says their boss, who laments the precedent.

By David Hechler
Ethical hackers seem to be a growing profession in the cybersecurity world. But they’ve been flying under the radar until recently, when they got noticed because two employees of the company Coalfire were arrested. This sudden eruption of interest is a good opportunity to examine the reasons why companies would be wise to hire them to do penetration testing at least annually. ​READ