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The law took effect in January, but enforcement won’t begin until July.

New GC of Digital Advertising Trade Group Says Top Three Issues Are Privacy, Privacy and Privacy

Four Steps You Should Take to Create a Data Ethics Framework

Cybersecurity’s Language Problem

Why City Governments Are Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

GDPR-Compliant Doesn’t Make You CCPA-Ready 

Two Must-Watch States on Privacy Litigation
The CCPA is in effect, but we won’t really know what that means until the regulations are also in effect. And that won’t be until July. But here are some of the things that we do know about the new law, and what companies can do right now. READ

A conference emphasized the different ways that communication is pivotal, whether the goal is selling or keeping safe.

By David Hechler
An eclectic Manhattan conference touches on CISOs, sales, comic strips and robots. There was even a retired four-star general. READ
Now that the CCPA is in effect, some companies will need to revise their policies.

By Sushila Chanana, Nate A. Garhart and Tyler Gerking    
There is great variation in how cyber insurance policies currently address risks under the CCPA. And further developments are expected as the law begins to impact companies under its jurisdiction. It is critical that companies subject to the law understand the nuances, and how they may be able to negotiate favorable coverage terms when they buy or renew policies. READ
Two recent reports from the feds—one on cyber security and
​one on privacy—really do deliver.

By David Hechler

In January, NIST and the SEC released guidance on privacy and cyber security, respectively. Each document is designed to help companies assess their own practices, and both are well worth studying. READ