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CISA director Christopher Krebs
We’re particularly proud of our interview with Steptoe & Johnson’s Stewart Baker. It was borne out of a frustration with our attention-deficit  culture, which feeds on (and is fed by) the barrage of cybersnippets. We longed for a sense of context. So we turned to Baker, whose career in this field extends back 25 years. And delivered. He said so much so well that we’re running it in two parts.  Part I follows his career as it combines law and technology. It all came together when he was GC of the National Security Agency. That’s where he began to understand cybersecurity’s antecedents in World War II cryptography. And NSA’s encryption battles during Baker’s tenure were remarkably similar to the ones still with us today. READ
David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
A veteran lawyer recounts the challenges he’s experienced over the past quarter-century. 
It’s easy to get caught up in the constant flow of cybersecurity, and it’s hard to gain perspective. One way to try is to talk to someone who has been in the trenches for a good long while. Stewart Baker, a partner at Steptoe & Johnson and host of the influential Cyberlaw Podcast, has been toiling in this field for 25 years. We recently sat down with him for a long and illuminating interview, which we are publishing in two parts. Here in PART I, he explains how his career in cybersecurity began when he was the general counsel of the National Security Agency in the early 1990s. The encryption battles that broke out during his time there were in many ways remarkably similar to recent skirmishes and current tensions. READ
There was a lot of information and a little bit of drama (for some).
By David Hechler

Our Editor-in-Chief attended the Association of Corporate Counsel Foundation’s cybersecurity conference, which he found packed with useful information. But his enthusiasm gave way to dismay as he realized that the elements were conspiring against him—leading to a conclusion with more drama than he’d bargained for. READ
Photography by Christina Reilly
It can help to be trilingual as you guide your clients through these perilous worlds.

Sandra Jeskie’s work experience and her education took her in directions that seemed far away from a career in the law. But as it turned out, she built her practice around those pieces, and she is now convinced that the success she’s enjoyed as a lawyer is directly related to the journey along the way. READ
These areas are sure to be important in 2019.
By Kimberly Peretti
Cybersecurity is an enterprise issue. Clients, consumers, employees, politicians and regulators have rapidly shifting expectations. Companies would be wise to do more than simply confirm the existence of cybersecurity policies, procedures and controls. Here are seven tips for general counsel from Kim Peretti, co-chair of Alston & Bird’s Cybersecurity Preparedness & Response Team. READ