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Public advocacy is featured prominently in the articles below. The interview with Michael Hahn, GC of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, has a link to a great chart on the California Consumer Privacy Act that many lawyers will find helpful. It was created by IAP members. BDO’s Karen Schuler suggests that, after all the privacy scandals, it’s time for companies to adopt her Ethical Data Framework. And FBI agent Douglas Hemminghaus explains how lawyers, and his agency, can help companies navigate the challenges of cyber. ​​READ

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David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
One appeal of moving in-house was that he wanted to be involved in advocating for an industry, and he more than got his wish.
For a lawyer who earned a Master in Public Policy while completing his J.D., it was almost ideal. And when Michael Hahn became general counsel of the Interactive Advertising Bureau two years ago, he didn’t have to wait for an important issue to galvanize the industry. One was already there. READ
As companies move past the privacy controversies, ethics becomes a differentiator.

By Karen Schuler

While companies and regulators continue to work out how personal data can be used, a parallel conversation has emerged about how it should be used. This consideration of ethics in the use of personal data, separate from compliance with laws and regulations, is known as data ethics, and some companies see it as a welcome step after recent privacy scandals. READ
The FBI wants companies to understand that there’s no downside to working with them—before or after a cyberattack.

Early on, he worked to compromise and exploit communications, not secure them. But he wasn’t one of the bad guys. He was working counterterrorism for the FBI. Now he’s a strategic manager overseeing cybersecurity in Columbia, South Carolina, and he does as much public speaking as he can. He wants companies to know that partnering with the bureau is in their best interest. READ
The field lacks a common terminology, and the ambiguity includes even core concepts.

By David Hechler
What does it mean to be “resilient”? What is a “breach”? What is a “disclosable event?” These are important concepts in cybersecurity, but if you asked professionals in the field, you would get lots of different answers. And that’s a problem. READ