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David Hechler, Editor-in-Chief
Sometimes our articles seem to speak to one another. That’s the case here, but from very different points of view. One article asks whether a company’s cybersecurity can be measured. There’s been serious disagreement. Another advises vendors how to fill out security questionnaires. But why do companies send these to vendors in the first place? To get a measure of their cybersecurity. ​​READ​​
They should be key players in the process. 

By Caroline McCaffery
Congress crafts a process designed to deal with alleged dangers of foreign-made products.    ​​

By Lee Sutherland
Amid growing discussion of the potential threat posed by foreign-made products to the security of the United States, Congress recently passed a law that created the Federal Acquisition Security Council, which can recommend that dangerous products be excluded from the supply chain. Here’s how the new council will work. READ

A startup, backed by a team of professionals, aims to help companies make the right decisions after cyber incidents.    
Kurtis Suhs has been an investigator with the FDIC, where he worked on fraud and professional liability claims at failed banks, and later was cyber chief underwriting officer at an insurance company. In January he founded Cyber Special Ops, LLC. For an annual membership fee, companies receive “Concierge CyberTM” services to help them figure out if they’ve experienced a cyber incident, and if they have, to navigate their next steps with the assistance of a panel of vendors available at preset rates.  READ ​​

Two thought leaders weighed in on the challenges of quantifying a company’s strengths.

By David Hechler 
Are we getting better at cybersecurity? Can we even tell? How would you measure such a thing? These are the questions two thought leaders took on in recent articles. Their goal wasn’t to answer the questions. It was to advance the conversation. And they did. READ